Our Vision

singelklubb norge Omnix Medical is dedicated to the development and commercialization of highly effective antibiotic agents against resistant pathogenic bacterial strains. Omnix is addressing an enormous and rapidly growing threat to public health, represented by millions worldwide, who suffer from infections associated with resistant bacteria. Omnix’s technology will tilt the odds in the battle against resistant bacteria and improve the lives of many people worldwide.

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Our Company

spa dating Founded in 2015, Omnix Medical is a biopharmaceutical company developing an arsenal of novel antibiotic agents for the treatment of infections involving drug resistant bacteria.  Omnix’s agents are based on natural antimicrobial peptides, genetically engineered to be compatible for therapeutic…

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Our Technology

click Extensive and widespread use of antimicrobial drugs led to the emergence of resistant strains of microorganisms. These microorganisms are no longer susceptible to the currently available antimicrobial drugs. Bacteria are acquiring resistance to all available antibiotics at a much faster rate…

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