source site Omnix Medical’s professional clinical and advisory teams are deploying vast and diverse experience to plan and execute all that is necessary to bring our pipeline to the market quickly and efficiently. Omnix Medical’s pipeline maintains three major programs based on unique antimicrobial peptides in various stages of development.


OMN6- Our leading peptide has been found safe, stable and highly effective on a wide spectrum of Gram-negative antibiotic resistant bacteria. OMN6 is presenting a powerful antimicrobial effect in several routs of administration.

go to link OMN7- Presents a narrower spectrum of activity and exerts a powerful bactericidal effect on Multi-Drug Resistant A. baumannii. OMN7 is developed as an inhaled therapy for severe cases of Hospital Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia.

click here OMN11- Is based on a peptide that originates from the gut of mammals. It is a peptide perfectly designed to treat Salmonella infections and prevent cases of serious food poisoning and severe diarrhea chatting dating india .