Founded in 2015, Omnix Medical is a biopharmaceutical company developing an arsenal of novel antibiotic agents for the treatment of infections involving drug resistant bacteria.  Omnix’s agents are based on natural antimicrobial peptides, genetically engineered to be compatible for therapeutic use.

Omnix focuses on ESKAPE pathogens: K. pneumonia species, A. baumanniiP. aeruginosa and Enterobacter species. While these bacteria are the most serious and urgent threat to public health, the drugs intended to fight them are becoming ineffective as they rapidly develop antibiotic resistance. Our peptides are being developed for systemic administration in serious hospital acquired infections.

Omnix is addressing an enormous and rapidly growing market opportunity, represented by millions worldwide, who suffer from infections associated with resistant bacteria. Researchers estimate that by the year 2050, drug-resistant bacteria will cause more than 10 million deaths and cost the global economy an excess of $100 trillion annually.

Omnix Medical’s agents are eligible for FDA QIDP-breakthrough therapy status, which allows for a fast development pathway and an additional 5 years of exclusivity.

Omnix’s technology can tilt the odds in the battle against resistant bacteria and improve the lives of many people worldwide.